William graduated with a First-Class BSc (hons) in Zoology from the University of Hull in 2013 and an MSc with Merit in Science Communication from Imperial College London in 2014.

Since September 2014 he has been the Editor of the science blog The Untweetable Truth and was Co-Editor of Refractive Index, a blog that critiques and analyses science communication in all its varied forms, from 2013-2014.

He is a social media producer for BBC Future: making you smarter, every day.

He won the HUU Media ‘Best Presenter’ 2012 award for his contributions to HUUTV, and the HUUTV Short Film Competition 2013 for his film Sound and Vision: Episode One SoundFor a detailed explanation of what’s going on in this film, see the directors’ commentary.

William is a keen photographer, misses Suffolk, has a good sense of north, knows all the words to Elephant Shell, can play across the midfield, makes eggnog well, and has two Blue Peter badges.

You can contact him on Twitter: @williamhpark


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