The expanding Zooniverse

Kevin Schawinski pours over his 50,000th galaxy image of the week. It had been a monumental effort to reach this figure, and he still had another 950,000 to go. “At that point he went and told his supervisor that he wasn’t going to do this anymore, and they needed to think of a better way […]

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Myth-trusters: why do we believe @uberfacts?

They’re unavoidable, they’re pervasive, they’re the common cold of Twitter. Accounts that tweet sensational facts work their way into your timeline whether you follow them or not. The perfect conversation-starters, facts to make anyone seem well read and interesting—all aggregated on one account. Did you know: “prostaglandins, a component of semen, act as anti-depressants?” This is […]

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The Hidden Art of Sound Design

You might not know what Foley is, but you will have witnessed it. You may have witnessed it today; you will certainly have witnessed it in the last week. The point of Foley is that you shouldn’t notice; it’s a hidden art. It’s only successful if you don’t know of its presence. But, once you start looking […]

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The Camera Sometimes Lies

Three gaping bills thrust into the shallows of Lake Kerkini to trap their prey. From below, a snapshot reveals the fish-eye-view the moment before they are engulfed by the leathery pouches of the Dalmatian pelicans. This is the striking image created by Bence Máté in his photograph The Great Gape for this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition; […]

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